Mexico Lindo is the place to savor authentic and scrumptious Mexican. There’s no place like Mexico Lindo in all of Southwest Florida.

Like the song “Mexico Lindo y Querido” by Chucho Mongue, the author of the second Mexican national anthem, a song beloved and sung by many Mariachi Bands, the idea behind Mexico Lindo was to create a restaurant with authentic flavors and ambiance, where families and friends can gather, for great hospitality; just like you’ll find in Mexico.

Arturo Brawn the owner was born in Mexico City, and since the age of 9, has been cooking in his mother’s kitchen.

After spending 15 years working in some of America’s top Mexican restaurant chains like Cantina Laredo, Brawn and his wife Ayleen decided to open a new type of Mexican restaurant, an authentic one.

Brawn conducted an extensive market study about Mexican restaurants in the Cape Coral area, and found the area was lacking of true authentic quality Mexican cuisine and professional service.  So Mexico Lindo stepped in the market to bring plates that are 100% authentic Mexican, starting from our guacamole, tacos de barbacoa, to the tradtional water of horchata.

Brawn hired the best Mexican Chef in the area, Executive Chef Marco Chavarria, with over 20 years experience, cooking delicious meals in some of the top restaurants inMissouri, Tennessee, and Florida in more than 8 different restaurants. Chef Chavarria’s experience is unparalalle, like his Mole which is prepared with more than 15 ingredients and is an exclusive recipe of Chef Chavarria. In addition to to the personnel he brought a well trained, experienced staff, serving guests at each table as if they were family.

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